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‘Making it better’ project

From autumn 2015 to spring 2016, x2y and LGBT Wolverhampton carried out a joint project in partnership with Highfields Secondary School. We called this project ‘Making it Better’.

The aims of the ‘Making it Better’ project were to:

  • To increase the confidence of school staff in supporting LGBTQ young people and challenging homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic language and behaviour
  • To raise awareness of school staff and young people of support available locally for LGBTQ young people and their families
  • To raise awareness of school staff and young people of the issues and barriers experienced by LGBTQ young people
  • To work with young people to develop resources to support LGBT equality in schools and more generally in the City, developing the skills of all participants and promoting awareness and understanding of issues affecting LGBTQ young people


The project involved training for school staff, Diversity Role Model workshops for the whole of Year 9, and a series of creative workshops with two groups of Year 8 and Year 9 students. Young people attending x2y were involved as experts, giving their views about issues and barriers experienced by LGBTQ young people.



As part of the project, 18 young people at Highfields took part in a series of creative workshops to develop a toolkit of LGBT equality resources. The first element of this toolkit to be completed is a set of posters. Four A3 sized posters were designed, based on the ideas of the young people. It is intended to send copies to all Wolverhampton secondary schools. You can download a copy of the posters by clicking on the images below:





Picture4 Picture3





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