DAVID- “I was really nervous about having the acupuncture, I thought having 5 needles in each ear would be really painful. When the needles were put into my ears I hardly felt anything , it didn’t hurt at all.
We relaxed for 45minutes listening to rainforest music occassionally falling to sleep. Within no time, it was time to have the needles taken out, which again caused no pain. Overall I found that having acupuncture was relaxing, the only thing that could have been improved was me being less nervous to start off with, this would have made me relax alot more.
If I was to have acupuncture again I would not be nervous at all.
The experience of acupuncture was really good, it was relaxing and a new experience. She stuck 10 pins in my ear, 5 in the left and 5 in right ear, but some people did not like it. For me, it was not painful and it gave me about 45 minutes of relaxation so we would close our eyes. The music that was playing was rainforest muisc, so i just sat there with my eyes closed, just chilling out. For me it was a good experience and i would love to have it again”.

Jo from SUBS, a drugs counsellor visited Base 25 to give x2y a session of ear acupuncture. At first it was a little scary, because some of the members did not know what to expect. Jo explained that different parts of the ear were connected to different parts of the body, and the process of the insertion of the needles would detox these organs.
For some of the smoking members of the group, the parts connected to the lungs gave them slight discomfort, because of the toxins in their lungs, but on the whole it was quite relaxing and pleasant.
We relaxed for a little while and then discussed our experiences. Some members said that they felt like they were on a wave.
Please note: This session was a one-off activity and is not offered by x2y as a service.

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