Bullies gain satisfaction from scaring you, making you feel as though you can’t go to school. Don’t deal with bullying alone, tell a friend, family member or teacher. You need to act as soon as you can and not let it get out of hand.
You need to let a member of staff at school know that you are being bullied, whether it be a teacher or nurse. This will allow them to help you. Staff at school are well trained to deal with this sort of problem and they will know what to do. While at school you may want to stay somewhere where you can be seen. This will make it more difficult for the bullies to threaten or attack you.
Body language plays a big part in what other people think of you. By looking at the ground or running to a classroom will make yourself look vulnerable and bullies will notice you and target you even more. Try to look confident walk with your head up high; this will make them think twice about picking on you.

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