Drug use



This page was written by a member of x2y after attending a drugs and alcohol awareness session that we held.

Types of drugs?

There are various types of drugs; some legal some illegal.


Caffeine, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Poppers, Prescribed painkillers, Glue, Aerosols, Tobacco.


Cannabis, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, Speed, Acid, Magic mushrooms, LSD, Unprescribed steroids, Unprescribed tranquillisers.

Are all drugs harmful?

In moderation, most legal or prescribed drugs are not harmful. Illegal drugs come in classes from A to C, A being considered most harmful (Ecstasy, Heroin) then B (Amphetamines) and then C (Cannabis, Steroids).

What are the social effects?

Some drugs are less socially damaging such as Ecstasy, usually found in nightclubs, being taken recreationally. The personal effects of drugs are possibly a high, and having an inability to function properly, you can also suffer hallucinations. Social effects of drugs can lead to you losing your job, your family breaking up under the pressures, and could also lead to crime to fund your drugs habit. With illegal drugs there is the risk of getting a disease.

Is the ‘high’ worth the long term effects?

I know a person that has taken drugs and heard from them the effects of taking them. I also now know that they are smoking crack and that her personality has changed from being sweet, confident and active to being low, depressed, secretive, inconsiderate and untrustworthy. I feel guilty that if we were still together she would not have started using drugs. I know the person she has turned into is not the person I loved. I just hope that she hasn’t harmed herself too much.

When we had the drugs and alcohol session it gave me a bigger insight into the dangers of both drugs and alcohol. Although I knew that drugs and alcohol could cause harm physically I had never really taken into account the emotional harm that they can cause both to the families, friends and to the user themselves. The session allowed me to learn that drugs don’t just consist of things like ecstasy, and heroin, but also things that are available in the supermarket such as caffeine and solvents.

Not knowing much about drugs myself it taught me about why people actually take drugs, some of the reasons included difficulties at home, or depression, etc. All these things can happen to anyone, I now know that if I do ever encounter drug related problems either with myself, friends or family, there is support out there in my local area that will offer advice and help, if I need it, so I am not alone.



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