LGBT equality


There have been many changes to legislation affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people in recent years and there will continue to be ongoing developments in how the law affects our communities. 

The law is only useful if we know how to use it to protect our legal rights but it is sometimes difficult to keep up to date on how any changes in the law might affect you.

This section of our website outlines laws on equality for LGBT people and includes updates on:The Equality Act 2010; equal marriage, same sex parenting, international rights, useful links and legal services and much more.

It is vitally important that LGBT people are able to keep informed about their legal and civil rights and how we can begin to use these rights in a way that will make a difference to all of our lives and change them for the better.


Discrimination against our communities is a breach of our fundamental human right  to equal treatment and respect for individual dignity.

It is vital that we feel confident in challenging people’s attitudes whenever their views mean that we are not treated as fairly as the rest of society.

It is important that we are able to stand up and fight discrimination faced by LGBT people because of our sexual orientation or gender identity.

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